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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Yuan.

Yuan Chonghuan (6 June 1584 – 22 September 1630), courtesy name Yuansu or Ziru, was a Chinese politician, military general and writer who served under the Ming dynasty. Widely regarded as a patriot in Chinese culture, he is best known for defending Liaoning from Manchu invaders during the Qing invasion of the Ming Empire. Of Cantonese origin, Yuan Chonghuan was known to have excelled in artillery warfare and successfully incorporated Western tactics with those of the East. Yuan's military career reached its height when he defeated the Manchu ruler, Nurhaci, and his army in the first Battle of Ningyuan. Later on, he also managed to defeat Nurhaci's son and successor, Huang Taiji, and his 200,000 mostly Mongol soldiers at the second Battle of Ningyuan. However, Yuan was eventually arrested and executed by slow slicing on the order of the Chongzhen Emperor under false charges of treason, which were believed to have been planted against him by the Manchus.

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