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The Black Onyx (ザ・ブラックオニキス Za Burakku Onikisu) is a 1984 role-playing video game released in Japan by Bullet-Proof Software, and written by Henk Rogers. It was one of the first Japanese-language RPGs ever made, and, having sold 150,000 copies, helped familiarize the Japanese public with RPGs. It was originally released for the NEC PC-8801, and ported to several other platforms. A version of the game was released for the Nintendo Family Computer in Japan. It featured completely redesigned gameplay, a new map, and was retitled Super Black Onyx (スーパーブラックオニキス).

Because of memory limitations, another part of the game were released separately on some platforms as The Fire Crystal (ザ・ファイアクリスタル) (which added a magic system). Two other parts were announced, The Moonstone (ザ・ムーンストーン) (which allowed the party to explore the wilderness), and Arena (アリーナ) (which allowed the party to take part in Arena battles).

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