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Sze Yap Cantonese (Chinese: 四邑廣東人; Sze Yap: Sli Yip Gong Ong Ngin; Cantonese: Sze Yap Gwong Dong Yan; Mandarin: Sìyì guǎngdōng rén) are a Han Chinese group coming from a region in Guangdong Province in China called Sze Yap (四邑), now called Ng Yap, which consists of the cities of Taishan, Kaiping, Xinhui, Enping, Heshan and Jiangmen; which now administers these cities. Their ancestors are said to have arrived from what is today central China about less than a thousand years ago and migrated into Guangdong around the Tang Dynasty rule period and thus Taishanese as a dialect of Yue Chinese has linguistically preserved many characteristics of Middle Chinese. Although Taishanese is considered to be one of the Cantonese groups of the Yue Chinese family, it has also retained an identity that distinguishes themselves from other Cantonese groups. One theory among Taishanese themselves is that they were northern migrants from Tang who intermixed with the earlier local Cantonese people. Among the Han Chinese, Taishanese are a source for most of the famous international Chinese celebrities and have produced the largest numbers of Chinese actors and singers than any city/region in mainland China. Among Asian Americans, Taishanese are influential in politics and were the first Americans of Asian descent to be elected as Governors, Mayors, U.S congress, including the first international actress and actor of Asian descent, and the America's first ace in World War II also have an Taishanese origin.

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