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Shirgaon is a village in the Thane district of the state of Maharashtra, India. It can be reached by State Transport busses or other public transportation from Palghar Station on the Mumbai - Ahmedabad train route. It has an extremely long beach with Kelva Beach on one side and Satpati on the other.

Shirgaon village comprise of Bhandari, Mali, Koli(Mangela/Vaity), Wadval, Adiwashi, Muslim Community.

Muslim community comes with sultan of Gujarat, bahadur Shah. During Somnath Looting by MOhd. Gazanavi Somnath refugees took shelter in 11th century by Gujarati Somnath Junagad Mali. Followed Maharashtrian customs instead Gujarati. They are farmers and majore area of shirgaon and satpati is covered by them. Marathas (Bhandari) led by Chimaji Appa attacked on Fort and won

There are many temples in this village, old one is Mahikawati temple and other temples of lord Shiva, Hanuman, Gavdevi, Radhe krushna and kamalishah baba dargah on the way to satpati.

Historical Name of Shirgaon is Sirgão (Portuguese Ruler). In 1720, one of the ports of Bassein, Kalyan, was conquered by the Marathas and in 1737, they took possession of Thane including all the forts in Salsette island and the forts of Parsica, Trangipara, Saibana (Present - Saivan, south bank of the Tansa river), Ilha das Vaccas - (Island of Arnala), Manora (Manor), Sabajo (Sambayo/Shabaz (near Belapur) - present day Belapur fort photo) the hills of Santa Cruz and Santa Maria.

The only places in the Northern Provinces that now remained with the Portuguese were Chaul (Revdanda), Caranja, Bandra, Versova, Bassein, Mahim, Quelme (Kelve Photo1) -(Kelve/Mahim), Sirgão (Present day Shirgao), Dahanu Sao Gens (Sanjan), Asserim (Asheri/Asherigad Photo1), Tarapor (Tarapur) and Daman.

In November 1738, Marathas led by Chimaji Appa, captured the fort of Dahanu and on 20 January 1739, Mahim capitulated, the loss of Mahim, was speedily followed by the capture of the forts of Quelme -(Kelve/Mahim), Sirgão (present Shirgaon), Tarapor (Present day Tarapur), and Asserim (Asheri/Asherigad) on 13 February 1739.

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