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"CRPG" redirects here. For the sub-component of the Canadian Forces reserve, see Canadian Rangers.
Not to be confused with other forms of role-playing, such as role-playing game.

A role-playing video game (commonly referred to as role-playing game or RPG) is a video game genre where the player controls the actions of a main character (or several adventuring party members) immersed in some well-defined world. Many role-playing video games have origins in pen-and-paper role-playing games (such as Dungeons & Dragons) and use much of the same terminology, settings and game mechanics. Other major similarities with pen-and-paper games include developed story-telling and narrative elements, player character development, complexity, as well as replayability and immersion. The electronic medium removes the necessity for a gamemaster and increases combat resolution speed. RPGs have evolved from simple text-based console-window games into visually rich 3D experiences.

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