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"Paionia" redirects here. For the municipality in northern Greece, see Paionia (municipality).

In antiquity, Paeonia /pˈniə/ (Greek: Παιονία) was the land and kingdom of the Paeonians (Ancient Greek Παίονες). The exact original boundaries of Paeonia, like the early history of its inhabitants, are very obscure, but it is believed that they lay in the region of Thrace. In the time of Classical Greece, Paeonia might have later included the whole Vardar river valley and the surrounding areas. It was located immediately north of ancient Macedonia (which roughly corresponds to the modern Greek region of Macedonia) and to the south-east of Dardania (roughly corresponding to modern-day Kosovo); in the east was the Thracian mountains, and in the west, the Illyrians. Paeonia was separated from Dardania by the mountains through which the Vardar river passes from the field of Scupi (modern Skopje) to the valley of Bylazora (modern Veles).

It corresponds with most of the present-day Republic of Macedonia, a narrow strip along the north part of the Greek region of Macedonia, and a small part of south-western Bulgaria.

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