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For the phrase used in the children's game, see Olly olly oxen free.

Olly, Olly, Oxen Free (a.k.a. The Great Balloon Adventure or The Great Balloon Race) is a 1976 American comedy film directed by Richard A. Colla and starring Katharine Hepburn. The screenplay by Eugene Poinc is based on a story by Poinc, Colla, and Maria L. de Ossio. The title is derived from "Olly olly oxen free" a phrase used in children's games to indicate that those in hiding came out into the open safely and freely. Indeed, that is the character arc premise in the film. Noticeably, the film has more of a T.V. movie feel, complete with the types of camera shots, blue screen shots, budget special effects, and background music one would have heard on a made for T.V movie in the mid 1970s.

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