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An official language is a language that is given a special legal status in a particular country, state, or other jurisdiction. Typically a country's official language refers to the language used within government (e.g., courts, parliament, administration). Since "the means of expression of a people cannot be changed by any law", the term "official language" does not typically refer to the language used by a people or country, but by its government.

The choice of an official language or languages (or the choice not to have any official language) is often a contentious issue. Worldwide 178 countries have at least one official language, and many recognize more than one language. Some countries use the official language designation to empower indigenous groups by giving them access to the government in their native languages. In countries that choose not to designate an official language, a de facto national language usually evolves. English is the most common official language, with recognized status in 51 countries. Arabic, French, and Spanish are also widely recognized.

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