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For the 1943 documentary, see South West Pacific (film).
For other uses, see Oceania (disambiguation).

Oceania (UK /ˌʃɪˈɑːniə, ˌsɪ-/ or US /ˌʃˈæniə/), also known as Oceanica, is a region centered on the islands of the tropical Pacific Ocean. Opinions of what constitutes Oceania range from its three subregions of Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia to, more broadly, the entire insular region between Asia and the Americas, including Australasia and the Malay Archipelago.

The term is often used more specifically to denote a continent comprising Australia and proximate islands

or biogeographically as a synonym for either the Australasian ecozone (Wallacea and Australasia) or the Pacific ecozone (Melanesia, Polynesia, and Micronesia apart either from New Zealand or from mainland New Guinea).

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