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The Post-Imperial Mongolia (official name: Khalkha Mongolian: Mongol Uls, lit. Mongolian state or State of Mongolia) refers to Mongolia after the fall of Mongol Yuan dynasty in China in 1368, until the emergence of the Manchu Qing dynasty in the 17th century. The Post-Imperial Mongolia began with the end of Mongol rule in China and withdrawal of the Mongols to Mongolia homeland, and this period was marked by factional struggles and the often only nominal role of the Great Khan.

Dayan Khan and Mandukhai Khatun reunited the entire Mongol nation in the 15th century. However, the former's distribution of his empire among his sons and relatives as fiefs caused the decentralization of the imperial rule. Despite this decentralization there was a remarkable concord within the Dayan Khanid aristocracy and intra-Chinggisid civil war remained unknown until the reign of Ligden Khan (1604–34).

The last sixty years of this period are marked by intensive penetration of Tibetan Buddhism into Mongolian society.

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