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Na-Dene (/ˌnɑːdɨˈn/; also Nadene, Na-Dené, Athabaskan–Eyak–Tlingit, Tlina–Dene) is a Native American language family that includes at least the Athabaskan languages, Eyak, and Tlingit languages. An old inclusion of Haida is now considered invalid.

In February 2008 a proposal connecting Na-Dene (excluding Haida) to the Yeniseian languages of central Siberia into a Dené–Yeniseian family was published and well received by a number of linguists. It was proposed in a 2014 paper that the Na-Dene languages of North America and the Yeniseian languages of Siberia had a common origin in a language spoken in Beringia, between the two continents.

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