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Murshid Quli Khan (Bengali: মুর্শিদ কুলি খান, Urdu: مرشد قلی خاں‎), also known as Mohammad Hadi was the first Nawab of Bengal serving in the post from 1717 to 30 June 1727.

Born as a Hindu Brahmin in the Deccan in c. 1670, Quli Khan was bought by Mughal noble Haji Shafi. After his death, he worked under the Diwan of Berar during which he got the vigil of Aurangzeb who sent him to Bengal as the Diwan in c. 1700. However he entered into a bloody conflict with the province's subahdar Azim-us-Shan.

After Aurangzeb's death, he was transferred to Deccan by Azim-us-Shan's father and the then Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah I in 1707. But he was brought back as deputy subahdar in 1710. In 1717, he was appointed as the Nawab Nazim of Murshidabad by Farrukhsiyar. During his reign, he changed the jagirdari system with the mal jasmani which would later transform into zamindari system. He also continued sending revenues from the state to the Mughal empire.

He built the Katra Masjid at Murshidabad where he was buried under the steps of stairs when he died on 30 June 1727. He was succeeded by his grandson Sarfaraz Khan.

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