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Kebri Beyah (also spelled Kebribeyah, Qebri Beyah, Gabribagia, Gabribaja, Qabribayah, Somali: Qabribayax) is a town in southeastern Ethiopia. Located in the Jijiga Zone of the Somali Region, 50 kilometers south east of Jijiga, it has a longitude and latitude of 9°6′N 43°10′E / 9.100°N 43.167°E / 9.100; 43.167 and an altitude of 1686 meters above sea level. It is the administrative center of Kebri Beyah woreda.

Kebri Beyah comprises a number of smaller villages (Dhurwale, Guuyow, Dhalaandhiga, quraan, salbane, Qaha, Gilo, Horoqalifo, Horohawd, Campka Rayad) and there are many valleys in the surrounding area (Farda, Garbile, Danaba, Dubur, and Toga Jarer).

Kebri Beyah has been the site of a refugee camp since 1989. The camp originally housed about 10,000 refugees and returnees from Somalia, most of whom belonged to various Darod subclans. It was the only camp in the Somali Region to remain open while the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) was able to close down the other camps in the region between 1997 and 2005. By 2005, the UNHCR expected to close the Kebri Beyah camp soon as well. However, the influx of more refugees from south-central Somalia led to the growth of the camp up to 16,000 or 17,000 inhabitants. In 2007, 4,000 refugees were relocated from Kebri Beyah to Teferi Ber where a former camp was partially re-opened.

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