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Hong Kong people (Chinese: 香港人), also known as Hongkongers or Hong Kongese, are people who are from Hong Kong or live in Hong Kong and considered Hong Kong to be their hometown. Besides being used to refer to a Hong Kong resident, these terms might also be used more loosely to refer to someone who may not have legal residence status in Hong Kong, but has spent an extensive period of time in the city or has a strong cultural connection with Hong Kong. These terms have no legal definition by the Hong Kong Government; more precise terms such as Hong Kong Permanent Resident (香港永久性居民) and Hong Kong Resident (香港居民) are used in legal contexts. However, the terms Hongkongers and Hong Kongese are officially included in Oxford English Dictionary in March 2014.

Terms like "Hong Kong people" do not make reference to the ethnicity of a person, and are also independent of Chinese citizenship or residency status. Over 90% of Hong Kongers are of Chinese descent or considered themselves as ethnic Chinese (and most have ancestral roots in the province of Guangdong), but there are also HongKongers of, e.g., Indian, Filipino, Nepalese, Indonesian, Pakistani, Vietnamese or British descent, and expatriates from many other countries live and work in the city.

Hong Kong experienced an exodus of people in the years leading up to the handover of sovereignty from Britain to China in 1997, as a result of which there are now many ethnic Chinese in other parts of the world who regard themselves as Hongkonger. However, some who emigrated during that period have since returned. Migration from mainland China in recent years has brought more Chinese people to Hong Kong.

Due to the one country two systems policy, Hong Kong is a highly autonomous region and has a different political system to China, including a different passport, flag and official language. Furthermore, due to increasing social and political tensions between Hong Kong and Mainland China and desinicization in the territory, in a recent poll, less than a fifth of Hong Kong residents now identify themselves only as Chinese, while 38% percent identify themselves as Hong Kong citizen, while 43% percent have a mixed identity of being Hong Kong and Chinese citizen.

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