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The Global Hunger Index (GHI) is a multidimensional statistical tool used to describe the state of countries’ hunger situation. The GHI measures progress and failures in the global fight against hunger. The GHI is updated once a year.

The Index was adopted and further developed by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), and was first published in 2006 with the Welthungerhilfe, a German non-profit organization (NGO). Since 2007, the Irish NGO Concern Worldwide joined the group as co-publisher.

The 2014 GHI was calculated for 120 developing countries and countries in transition, 55 of which with a serious or worse hunger situation.

In addition to the ranking, the Global Hunger Index report every year focuses on a main topic: in 2014 the thematic focus was on hidden hunger, a form of undernutrition characterized by micronutrient deficiencies.

Topics of previous years included:

  • Early childhood undernutrition among children younger than the age of two (2010).
  • Rising and more volatile food prices of the recent years and the effects these changes have on hunger and malnutrition in 2011.
  • In 2012: Achieving food security and sustainable use of natural resources, when the natural sources of food become scarcer and scarcer.
  • In 2013, the thematic focus was on the strengthening of resilience at the community level against under- and malnutrition.

In addition to the yearly GHI, the Hunger Index for the States of India (ISHI) was published in 2008 and the Sub-National Hunger Index for Ethiopia was published in 2009.

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