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Gameshow is a magazine that was published in Turkey during the 90's. The magazine focused mainly on computer games, where it was the leading magazine in that but it also contained pages about science fiction and fantasy literature and rock music. Although most of its authors were either teenagers or were in their early 20's, it maintained significant readership numbers compared to Turkish Magazine Industry figures for certain years.

When its rather short and turbulent life began, the magazine's sole rival was Pc Oyun (Pc Game), and this rival itself was barely two years old. Since graphics and sound effects offered by early PC's were rather crude, magazines published before 1993 were mostly about games made for other platforms. Gameshow had found itself in uncharted waters. Fortunately, its crew had a few veterans: Murat Adanç (who used the nickname "Mac") for instance, had previously worked as an author for two magazines: 64ler and Megamiga. (As their names suggest, these magazines were about games made for Commodore 64s and Amigas, respectively.)

Gameshow was a low-budget project: The magazine, at first, was not much to look at. It was small, short and ugly: Had few pages and was not really 'printed', but photocopied. Full of monochromatic screenshots and 'amatör ruh' (spirit of the amateur), it survived only because of what her authors called mavra -a term they used to describe anything that contained sarcasm or humor.

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