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Coordinates: 51°11′51″N 0°23′08″W / 51.19757°N 0.38555°W / 51.19757; -0.38555

For other uses, see Friday Street (disambiguation).

Friday Street is a hamlet (rural neighbourhood) on the gentle lower north slope of Leith Hill in Surrey, England. It is in a wooded headwater ravine, just to the south of Wotton and the A25, a single rather than dual road, running between Guildford to the west and Dorking to the east.

Statistically it is insufficient to make up a census unit. Friday Street also has varied map definitions and is part of the relatively sparsely populated civil parish of Wotton. Its lake is one of three hammer ponds in the Vale of Holmesdale in Surrey. These were used from the medieval age until the early 19th century when wholly surpassed by metalwork production specialist centres, principally Sheffield and the West Midlands (region), assisted by cheap inter-regional transport, coal replacing charcoal as a fuel and by technological advances, being in a narrow band of ironstone-rich hills, the Greensand Ridge. Central to Friday Street on most maps is its hammer pond.

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