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This article is about the political concept. For theological federalism, see Covenant theology. For other uses, see Federalism (disambiguation).

Federalism is a political concept in which a group of members are bound together by covenant (Latin: foedus, covenant) with a governing representative head. The term "federalism" is also used to describe a system of government in which sovereignty is constitutionally divided between a central governing authority and constituent political units (such as states or provinces). Federalism is a system based upon democratic rules and institutions in which the power to govern is shared between national and provincial/state governments, creating what is often called a federation. The term federalist describes several political beliefs around the world. Also, it may refer to the concept of parties; its members or supporters called themselves Federalists.

In a federal system where sovereignty is divided between a central governing authority and constituent political units, power is also divided. The central governing authority has certain exclusive federal powers, the constituent political units have certain states' rights, and those two levels of government share certain concurrent powers.

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