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The Egyptian Armed Forces (Arabic: القوات المسلحة المصرية‎; Arabic pronunciation: [el qouwat el mosalaha el masriya]) are the military forces of Egypt. The Egyptian Armed Forces are the largest in Africa, and the Middle East and also one of the largest in the world. It was established in 3200 BC era of King Menes, Divided into three main branches, is the Air Defense Forces, Air Force, Navy, in addition to Egyptian Army (ground forces) (which is the name of an unofficial and has no special command of the Egyptian army, but known by the six leaders of each of the Second Army, Third Army, Military Western Region, Military Northern Region, Southern Region Military, Central Military Region).

All branches and regions and the forces of bodies and organs and departments of the armed forces for the leadership of the Ministry of Defence, which is headed by the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces are subject to, and hold the position currently the team's first Sedki Sobhi, Minister of Defense and Military Production. The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces is the President as provided for in Egyptian constitutions starting Constitution of 1954 and until the Constitution of 2014, and the incumbent currently Abdel Fattah al-Sisi current President of the Republic. Supreme Council of the Armed Forces consists of 23 members, headed by Defence Minister General Commander and his deputy chief of staff of the Armed Forces, and consists of the Council of: the leaders of the main branches of the forces (Air - Navy - Air Defense - Border Guards) and the leaders of the two armies (Second Army And Third Army) and the leaders of the military regions (Military Western Region - Military Northern Region - Southern Region Military - Central Military Region) and the heads of the upper bodies (Operations - Reinforcement - logistics - Engineering - Training - Finance - military justice - Management and Administration), and managers of administrations (affairs officers and military intelligence), and Assistant Defense Secretary for Constitutional and Legal Affairs and Secretary General Department of Defense (Secretary of the Council).

The Egyptian army of the oldest regular armies in history, the first of his wars began to unite Egypt at the hands of King Menes in 3200 BC., and over the centuries fought Many of the major wars and battles over the centuries, from the Pharaonic era and through the Ages Ptolemaic and Romania, Islamic and even the modern era. Regular army began the first war in the era of King Menes in 3200 BC to the north and south of the unification of Egypt permanently and final. Over the history of the Egyptian army fought battles and wars in many parts of the world, the defensive most of them, of the most famous of these wars and battles: the Hyksos War, Battle of Ain Jalut, Battle of Al Mansurah, Battle of Nezib, Battle of Megiddo, Egyptian Babylonian war, Battle of Hattin, Egyptian war Wahhabi, Anglo-Egyptian War, Battle of Tel el-Kebir, Greek War of Independence, Egyptian–Ottoman War (1831–33), Crimean War, Mexican War of Independence, World War I,World War II, 1948 Arab-Israeli War, Egyptian Revolution of 1952, Tripartite Aggression, North Yemen Civil War, Six Day War, Nigerian Civil War, War of Attrition, October War, Shaba I, Libyan–Egyptian War, Gulf War, Egyptian Crisis, and the War on Terror in Sinai.

Varies arming the Egyptian army between the eastern armament and west, where it is used cutting equipment come from several countries through mutual military cooperation with them, including the United States, Russia, France, Italy, Ukraine, China, also locally are many AOI And MMP

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