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Dutch (About this sound Nederlands ) is a West Germanic language originating in the Low Countries. Most of its speakers reside in the European Union, where it is spoken as a first language by about 23 million people and as a second language by about another 5 million.

Dutch is the official language of Belgium, Surinam, the Netherlands and the Dutch Caribbean; as well as an unrecognized minority language in Germany, France and Indonesia, and is an immigrant language in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Dutch is a monocentric language, with all speakers using the same standard form (authorized by the Nederlandse Taalunie) based on a modified form of the Latin alphabet when writing. In stark contrast to its written uniformity, Dutch lacks a prestige dialect and has a large dialectal continuum consisting of 28 main dialects, which can themselves be further divided into at least 600 distinguishable varieties. In South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe a mutually intelligible daughter language (Afrikaans) is spoken natively by 7 million people and by 10 million people as a second language.

Dutch is related to other West-Germanic languages such as English, Frisian and German and to lesser extant to other Germanic languages such as Danish, Swedish or Norwegian. When excluding the Frisian varieties, Dutch is the closest living relative of English.

Standard Dutch uses three genders to differentiate between natural gender and two when discerning grammatical gender. Certain southern dialects of Dutch are more conservative and have retained more of the case system present in Early Modern Dutch, but these would be considered archaic in Modern Dutch. Other features of the Dutch language include the use of modal particles, compound nouns, final-obstruent devoicing, the use of subject–verb–object word order in main clauses and subject–object–verb in subordinate clauses and frequent use of the diminutive. .

Dutch has a large vocabulary of about 400.000 nouns, most of which are of Germanic origin. Loanwords in Dutch are mostly Romance (French) in origin, followed by Latin or Greek .

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