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A demonym /ˈdɛmənɪm/ is a name given to natives or residents of a certain or specific place. Traditionally, the term used was gentilic, though this term is now not widely used. A demonym is usually, but not always, derived from the name of a place. For example, the demonym for the people of China is "Chinese"; the demonym for the people from the Swahili coast is "Swahili"; the demonym for the people of Sri Lanka is "Sri Lankan"; the demonym for the people of the United States of America is "American"; the demonym for the people of Iraq is "Iraqi." Some locations have double forms; for example, the demonym for the people of Britain can be either "British" or "Briton".

In many cases, the demonym used for the residents of a locality is also used as an adjectival (also known as an adjectival demonym) — that is, it can be used to modify the term for an object or concept from a particular place. For example, the demonym Peruvian can either refer to a person from Peru or to objects or concepts relating to Peru (e.g., Peruvian cuisine, the Peruvian countryside). In other cases, the adjectival demonym is different from the noun term used to describe a locality's people (e.g., Finns and New Zealanders, but the Finnish language and New Zealand music). A full list of such differences can be found at adjectivals and demonyms for countries and nations.

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