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Cyworld (Hangul: 싸이월드) is a South Korean social network service operated by SK Communications (Hangul: SK커뮤니케이션즈), a subsidiary of SK Telecom (Hangul: SK텔레콤).

Members cultivate relationships by forming Ilchon (Hangul: 일촌, Hanja: 一寸) or "friendships" with each other through their minihompy. Avatars and "mini-rooms" (small, decoratable, apartment-like spaces in an isometric projection) are features of the service, which can make for a Sims-like experience.

The "Cy" in Cyworld can mean "cyber", but is also a pun on the Korean word for relationship (Hangul: 사이 'between').

Revenue is generated through the sale of dotori (Hangul: 도토리), or acorns, which can be used to purchase virtual goods, such as background music, pixelated furniture, and virtual appliances.

Cyworld also has operations in China and Vietnam.

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