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"Circadian" redirects here. For the album by the rock band 5th Projekt, see Circadian (album).
For the 2005 film, see Circadian Rhythm (film).

A circadian rhythm /sɜrˈkdiən/ is any biological process that displays an endogenous, entrainable oscillation of about 24 hours. These 24-hour rhythms are driven by a circadian clock, and they have been widely observed in plants, animals, fungi, and cyanobacteria.

The term circadian comes from the Latin circa, meaning "around" (or "approximately"), and diēs, meaning "day". The formal study of biological temporal rhythms, such as daily, tidal, weekly, seasonal, and annual rhythms, is called chronobiology.

Although circadian rhythms are endogenous ("built-in", self-sustained), they are adjusted (entrained) to the local environment by external cues called zeitgebers (from German, "time giver"), which include light, temperature and redox cycles.

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