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The Cantonese people (simplified Chinese: 广府人; traditional Chinese: 廣府人) are Han Chinese people whose ancestral homes are in Guangdong, China. Traditionally, the majority of Cantonese reside in Guangdong and the majority of the population of Guangdong are of Cantonese ancestry. The term "Cantonese people" would then be customarily synonymous with the Bun Dei (Chinese: 本地; Jyutping: bun2 dei6) sub-ethnic group, or Gwong Dong Jan (simplified Chinese: 广东人; traditional Chinese: 廣東人, literally "the people of Guangdong") in a broader definition. The Cantonese people are separate from the Hakka people, most of whom also live in Guangdong.

They are referred to as "Kongfu" in Malaysia and "Konghu" in Indonesia. They are referred to as "Hoa" in Vietnam. They also established Cantonese as a mainstream language in Hong Kong during the early colonial era. Taishanese people are also Cantonese but speak a different variation of the Yue language. Many world famous people of overseas Chinese have a Cantonese origin.

Famous people of Cantonese ancestry include Sun Yat-sen, Bruce Lee, Ching Shih, Lee Shau Kee, John So, Ho Ching, Yuan Chonghuan and Vivian Chow, who are some of the most influential or most powerful historical figures of Asian descent in the 20th century and in the world.

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