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Adam Karol Jezus Maria Józef Franciszek Salezy and all the Saints Czartoryski, his Spanish name Adán Carlos Jesús María José Francisco de Sales y todos los Santos Czartoryski-Bórbon Krasinski y Orléans (born 2 January 1940 in Seville, Spain) is a Polish-Spanish aristocrat, the founder and president of the Princes Czartoryski Foundation, in Cracow.

He is the Head of the Polish House of Czartoryski, descendants of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania and he is the 14th direct descendant of this line.

Adam Karol was born in Seville on the 2 of January 1940. His parents fled Poland at the beginning of the 1939 German invasion and lived in Spain, his mother's native country. After his father's death, he remained in Spain where he was educated. Later, he lived for a time in England before returning to Spain when his maternal first cousin, King Juan Carlos I of Spain, came to the throne.

He was interested in martial arts and he is a 5 Dan Black Belt in Karate,as well as he contributed on the organisation and creation of the Spanish Karate Federation. He was vice President of the World Union of Karate Do Organisations, the World Karate Federation and also the European Karate Union for over two decades.

In 1975, at the death of his grandmother Princess Maria Ludwika Czartoryska, the Hotel Lambert was sold by the heirs. This family residence in Paris, bought during the exile in 1842, was the rallying point of the Polish émigrés and represented the political and cultural resistance movement. Adam Karol kept the family portraits and miniatures.

After the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, the Polish High Court returned to Adam Karol the Czartoryski Museum and Library with its important collections brought to Cracow by his great-grandfather, Prince Wladyslaw, in 1876. Its most important treasure is The Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo da Vinci. He instituted the Princes Czartoryski Foundation to run and administer the Museum Collections. In recognition of his Grand Gesture he was awarded with the Commander's Cross with Star of the Order of Polonia Restituta.

In 1992 during the Universal EXPO in Seville, Spain, he was chosen by the Polish Government to head the Polish Pavilion, recognising, for the first time, his Polish identity.

Nowadays Adam Karol's task is to maintain the new museum for future generations as a testimony of patriotism and national identity, through the exhibition of his family's collection.

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