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For other uses of "Sea level", see Sea level (disambiguation).

Sea level is generally used to refer to mean sea level (MSL), an average level for the surface of one or more of Earth's oceans from which heights such as elevations may be measured. MSL is a type of vertical datum – a standardised geodetic reference point – that is used, for example, as a chart datum in cartography and marine navigation, or, in aviation, as the standard sea level at which atmospheric pressure is measured in order to calibrate altitude and, consequently, aircraft flight levels. A common and relatively straightforward mean sea-level standard is the midpoint between a mean low and mean high tide at a particular location.

Sea levels can be affected by many factors and are known to have varied greatly over geological time scales. The careful measurement of variations in mean sea levels can offer information about climate change and has been interpreted as evidence supporting the view that the current rise in sea levels is an indicator of global warming.

The term above sea level generally refers actually to above mean sea level (AMSL).

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